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Max Depth: around 79 Metres    |    Surface Altitude: 61 Metres    |    Nearest Club / Air: West Cumbria BSAC

Wastwater Dive Sites:    The Pinnacles    |    Tiffen's Rock    |    Gareth's Hairy Crack

Wastwater - The Pinnacles, is a well known diving site - sadly this is often due to the lake's history of diving and non-diving deaths!

The Pinnacles is easily accessed from the shore, either via the Gosforth Road Ends Car Park ("Tiffen's Beach" on a bearing of 90 degrees with a little surface swim involved) or alternativly the small patch near Pinnacles Beach.
From Pinnacles beach, you make your way along the lake in an easterly direction for about a minute or so, and you should (hopefully!) notice a small buoy moored under the water, in about 6 Metres depth near the fishbox.
From the fishbox there is a blue nylon line running out to the top of the pinnacles, the depth the line is at reaches a maximum depth of about 12 Metres, though there is of course depth below the line along the way.

Upon reaching the top of The Pinnacles, if your a fairly inexperienced diver, then perhaps your Dive Leader or Instructor may show you around the few commemoraitve plaques there are - all of which are in a quite safe depth of approximately 12 to 13 Metres.

Alternatively, if you are a more experienced Buddy Pair, and fancy a bit of a wall dive, you can make your way down into the depths immediately before the Top of The Pinnacles, by making your way down to the right and around.
At this and onwards, you need to be sure of your bouyancy control as Narcosis can set it quickly. Some of the West Cumbria Branch club members have reported being quite narked at 30 Metres, and then considerably more narked at 32 Metres.
From this perspective, it's easy to see how a dive can quickly head towards the incident pit.

Maximum depth at this point is considerable, so don't take an inexperienced diver, or a diver with poor bouyancy control OR unfamiliar equipment along the wall!

One of the main risks associated with diving in the lakes is decompression. This can be allieviated by ensuring you perform your required decompression stops in the water, ideally with a safety stop for good measure, and then prior to travelling any distance avail yourself of one of the convenient places for a surface interval.

For instance, at Wastwater, we like to use The Screes Inn at Nether-Wasdale - it is a particularly nice surface interval stop, with a selection of Real Ales and good food.

If you are looking for a suitable place to stay overnight (or try equally good food and Real Ales), then across the road is The Strands Inn, hotel and brewery).

If you were diving in Crummock, then we would recommend The Kirkstile Inn.

  Other dive sites include:

  Crummock Water - Hawse Point
  St Abbs - many sea dives
  South Shields - many wrecks!

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